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Welcome to my little list of sites that you shouldn't miss. I will try to add links to this list as I come across sites that I find myself frequenting. Do you know of any that I'm missing out on? Contact me! Anyway, without further ado...

Places to See:

Matt & Pamazon.com
My friend Matt's personal web site.

Cherise and Adam.com:
My good friends Adam and Cherise have their own blog now.  Check it out for updates on their identical twin girls and the impending arrival of baby #3!

The Onion:  
Hysterically funny web site, dedicated to spoofing just about everything. If you want to laugh, go there now.

The place to go before clicking the "Forward" button in your email program.  Check here first before sending out untruth as fact.

Awesome web site for finding great deals on everything from bed sheets to computers to video games.  Run by a community of people just like you and me who find great prices on products and then post about them here.

Maximum PC Magazine's web site, featuring product reviews, editorials, user forums, podcasts, etc.

Are you Linked In?  If not, go here and sign up.  Maybe we can link to each other when you do.


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