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July 23, 2008

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Photo Albums

Some Milestones:

  • 09.xx.08 = The twins will go four days a week for pre-school.

  • 07.23.08 = The twins are now 4 1/2 years old.

  • 07.23.08 = The twins HATE brushing their teeth.  It's a battle twice a day with them.

  • 07.23.08 = The twins love dinosaurs, trucks, cars, SpongeBob, Tiny Toons, Dora the Explorer (and cousin Diego), PBS Kids Sprout cartoons and shows, and just about any Disney movie (right now it's "Dinosaur", "Little Mermaid", "The Rescuers Down Under", "Finding Nemo", "The Lion King", etc.).

  • 09.05.07 = The twins started going three days a week (2 1/2 hrs. a day).

  • 08.18.07 = Jason is potty-trained now!  He finally "got it" just before school started.

  • 07.15.07 = Still no schedule for Adrian, other than eat/poop/sleep/cry/repeat.  He weighs about 10 pounds now and is close to 24 inches long.

  • 06.10.07 = Jason is still in Pull-Ups!

  • 06.10.07 = Adrian still isn't really on a "schedule" yet.

  • 06.09.07 = Dillon & Jason just watched "The Wizard of Oz" for the first time.

  • 05.25.07 = Adrian James Hampton was born and took to breastfeeding very well.

  • 12.26.06 = We began potty training. Jason started off great with it, but Dillon ended up completing the training before him.

  • 12.24.06 = We converted the cribs into toddler beds around Christmas 2006.

  • 09.05.06 = The twins started nursery school, two days a week. 

  • 11.05.05 = Jason has recovered from his heart surgery remarkably well.  The cardiologist only wants to see him for yearly check-ups now.

Below are some pictures taken from November 2005 through February 2006. Included are pictures from our Disney trip, the twins' birthday and Christmas.

Jason and Dillon 2005 (Mom Mom's pic)Jason and Dillon 2005 (Mom Mom's pic)Dillon takes a break in a rocker (Mom Mom snapped this)Jason relaxes in the rocker (Mom Mom's photo)Jason (photo by Mom Mom)Birthday gift! It's a kitchen set...

Dillon and Jason check out the kitchenGrandpop reads to DillonDillon with Uncle JakeUncle Ian with JasonOn the journey to Florida (Dillon)On the drive to Orlando (Jason)

Ft. Myers, Florida (Dec 2005)Vacation House, Florida 2005The Hamptons meet WoodyThe Hamptons meet Buzz LightyearDillon meets a toy soldierAngie, the boys, and Carrin

Jason plays with Buzz and WoodyAt the Sci-Fi Diner with GrandmomJason at Mom Mom & Pop Pop'sThe Hamptons at the Magic Kingdom 2005Dillon & Grandmom on the Magic Kingdom carouselDaddy and Jason on the carousel at Disney

The boys sleep in a stroller at the Magic KingdomJason, Dillon and Mommy at Universal StudiosDillon, Mommy and Jason at UniversalDaddy and the boys at UniversalMommy and Jason at the Hard Rock Cafe, Universal StudiosDillon in a bathtub of balls, Discovery Museum, NJ

Jason in the bathtub of ballsJason plays with Christmas giftsDillon at ChristmasJason at ChristmasGrandmom with Jason at ChristmasDillon, hanging out at home

Jason & Dillon watching CaillouBrotherly love...Dillon and Jason enjoy a snack while watching TVMom Mom snaps a photo of Jason

Classic Christmas Photo 2005The boys near Al's Toy Barn, MGM Studios FloridaChristmas Lights display, MGM Studios


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