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50 ft. wave

I've tried to gather as many magazine articles and radio transcripts of interviews as I possibly could and collected them in my "articles" section. Please head to that section if you are interested in reading about Kristin Hersh, Throwing Muses, and/or Tanya Donelly. I've got magazine articles dating back as far as 1988!

Kristin's latest project is called 50 Foot Wave. They are a three-piece hard rockin' band, not unlike Throwing Muses (especially since Bernard Georges is the bass player), but with a harder edge. A little more "punk", I'd say, with some classic heavy metal-style drumming from Rob Ahlers. Check them out if you get a chance.

My Throwing Muses (and Kristin solo) Photos Section has stagnated a little over the years, so it's still not as large as some other fan sites' collections. I've tried to clearly mark photos that I've taken at shows vs. ones that I've scanned from magazines. You'll also find some pictures included with the magazine articles in the Articles section that you may not see listed in the Photos area. I have some photos included here that I took at the reunion gigs in Cambridge, MA and Providence. RI.