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Article Archives

All articles are listed in chronological order (where possible)
from earliest to most current (top to bottom, respectively).

  1. Melody Maker, May 7, 1988. by the Stud Brothers. Features dialogue with the Pixies. Also, Kristin talks about a woman she read about who thought "she had a hook in her head."
  2. Guitarist, May 1991: "Soul Soldiers". Very interesting article from the Real Ramona tour. Kristin and Tanya talk about guitars and songwriting. Really cool article. And I have Shaun Adams to thank for sending it to me!
  3. Option Magazine, 1991; "The Breakups (And Breakdowns) of Throwing Muses"
  4. Volume 4 text, circa 1992. By Graham Linehad
  5. Rip It Up magazine, no exact date (circa 1992); interview with Kristin by John Taite.
  6. From The Whole Guitar Book #3. 1994. "Altered Tunings, Perfect Chords", by Kevin Ransom. Kristin talks about the chords she uses and her songwriting process...
  7. Wire Magazine, No. 120, February 1994, "Girl on Her Own". by Jakubowski.
  8. Alternative Press, April 1994. Original article written by Randee Dawn Cohen
  9. CREEM Magazine, April/May 1994, Volume 3, No. 5, by Karen Iris Tucker.
  10. CMJ New Music Monthly , Jan. 1995; by david sprague. photos by jill greenberg.
  11. Nieuwe Revu: "20 Questions with Kristin Hersh", issue 21 1995. Originally by Jos Jagers.
  12. Q&A With Kristin Hersh - early February 1995. From Obsolete.com. Written by Keiron Mellotte.
  13. Critics' Choice, Feb. 1995. Covers TMuses, Belly, and Veruca Salt. By Greg Forman
  14. SubNation; March 1995. Author unknown (anyone?). Kristin talks about songwriting, and the recording process. In Q&A format.
  15. Rolling Stone , March 1995; by Neil Strauss. photos by Mark Seliger
  16. Concert review; March 21, 1995; Review of a show at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco. By Eric Weisbard.
  17. Rolling Stone Performance Review; Reviews the same show as above (San Francisco; 21st March 1995); Issue #707, 4th May 1995, page 36.
  18. Critics' Choice, May 1995. Reviews of two Muses shows: May 7th @9:30 Club in Washington D.C.; and May 9th @Shriver Hall in Baltimore. By Rolf Rykken
  19. Philadelphia Inquirer review of Muses show; appeared May 13, 1995. Written by Sara Sherr. Review of May 11's show at the TLA in Philly.
  20. Michigan article circa September-October 1995. Written by Jill Hamilton. Kristin talks about the O.J. verdict, and about the "infamous" Rolling Stone photo shoot.
  21. The City Paper, September 5, 1996. This article appeared in the Philadelphia City Paper on the day of the Muses' SOLD OUT show at the Kyber Pass club. by Margit Detweiler. No credit was given on the photo.
  22. BUST #8 Fall/Winter 1996; Brief interview w/Kristin about being a "rockin' mom". Interview by Tori Galore. Title: "Rock Moms", page 57.
  23. Option Nov/Dec 1996 #71; Article written while the band was touring the West Coast. By Neva Chonin. Photos by Michael Sexton. There are two photos on this page.
  24. Puncture #37, late 1996. Written by Johnny Huston. Pretty good "retrospective" article on Kristin and the band.
  25. The Independent; 23 January 1998. Newspaper article centering on Kristin Hersh.
  26. Melody Maker; 24 January 1998. Article on Kristin Hersh.
  27. Melody Maker; 7 February 1998. Article on Kristin Hersh.
  28. San Francisco Weekly, 11 February 1998; by Jeff Stark. Nicely written review of Strange Angels. Also delves a little bit into TM history and Hips and Makers.
  29. Q Magazine. Unsure of date. Circa release of Strange Angels. Written by Phil Sutcliffe.
  30. Vox Issue 89, March 1998; pp 72-76. "She is not a Muse: Kristin Hersh"; written by Victoria Segal.
  31. CMJ New Music Monthly, April 1998. Kristin Hersh interviews Vic Chesnutt.
  32. Review of Murder, Misery and then Goodnight. "Disc Quicks", Sam Adams, The City Paper, Philadelphia-based, Nov. 27, 1998, Vol. #706, p 41.
  33. Amazon.com Spotlight; July 1999. A quick Q&A session with Kristin Hersh that I found on the Amazon.com web site.
  34. No Disco; 21 July 1999. Irish television show. Interview. In Q&A format.
  35. CNN Online; 19 August 1999. Article on Kristin Hersh.
  36. NY Press unkind review of the 26-August-1999 Kristin Hersh show at the Knitting Factory. This was the first of three shows at the Knitting Factory. Review by JR Taylor.
  37. Wall of Sound article from 27-August-1999. By Donna Freydkin.
  38. Sidewalk Article - 29-August-1999. Review of Sky Motel and brief interview. By Peter Terzian. From MSN.com.
  39. Sidewalk "Sky Motel" Review - Brief review of Sky Motel by Lois Maffeo. From MSN.com.
  40. New York Times article. By Ann Powers. Review of the August 27th Knitting Factory show (this was the second of three total shows). Published 31-August-1999.
  41. Toronto Sun - September 1999 by Jane Stevenson. 
  42. Sky Motel review. By Paul Cooper. I honestly cannot remember where I found this article. I know it was on the Internet somewhere, I just can't remember where. Maybe Pitchforkmedia.com.
  43. Sky Motel review from MTV.com. Written by Alexandra Flood.
  44. Kristin Hersh interview on KALX-FM, 17-September-1999; University of California at Berkeley. Interview conducted by Mo Herms. Entire interview transcribed by Tyler Glenn. Kudos, Tyler! Thanks again for allowing me to post the article here.
  45. SonicNet.com - 08-October-1999. Review of a solo show at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. from October 1999.
  46. Review of Kristin show at the Ottobar - 25-October-1999, Baltimore, MD. Written by Denton Beity.
  47. Washington Post - 29-October-1999. Brief article which discusses the then-upcoming Brendan Perry/Kristin Hersh show at the 9:30 Club. By Mark Jenkins.
  48. Fan Review of Kristin Show - 03-November-1999. Review of Kristin Hersh solo show at 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. Written by "MoanerLisa", as posted on ThrowingMusic.
  49. Ultimate Band List web site - 26-November-1999. No author credited. It's basically just a short "profile" that must have been filled out by Kristin at one time or another.
  50. Q&A Posted on ThrowingMusic.com - "Does a contented life lead to poorer music?" A question posed by someone named StickBoyDrum on the ThrowingMusic Message Board in November 1999. Kristin responded personally, so I felt it was necessary to place it here. The topic relates to Sky Motel. Enjoy.
  51. Hip Mama Interview - December 1999. Interview with Kristin Hersh conducted by Audra Estrones Williams. Read more stuff at Marigoldzine.com & HipMama.com.
  52. Music Today - December 1999. Interview and brief prologue article. By Bret Booth at MusicToday.com.
  53. Boston Globe article - 05-May-2000. Article pertaining to the following day's Gut Pageant at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA. By Steve Morse.
  54. "Review" (or perhaps "Remembrance" is a better word) of Gut Pageant written by Michele Buono.  It's a bit of a tear-jerker in spots, and it's also nice and long. So get ready for a good read.
  55. Web Chat Transcription - Transcript of the recent web chat that Kristin took part in. Contains all of the fans' questions and Kristin's answers.
  56. Track-by-Track thoughts on Sunny Border Blue by Kristin Hersh.  Taken from the BeggarsBanquet web site.
  57. BUST Magazine - An short interview with Kristin Hersh by Kate Quick from BUST Magazine, April 2001, Issue 17. Special thanks to Joselle for typing it up and emailing it to me. From the issue with Sandra Bernhard on the cover.
  58. San Francisco Examiner article. Written by Jim Harrington and published in 2001.

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